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Peter Cain

Peter Cain has spent 20 years building and leading engineering teams within a succession of small and medium sized technology businesses, helping them to get organised, putting in place lean process, and developing the people to enable them to scale and to grow.

During this time Peter has developed tools and processes to accelerate the task of organising a team, and he has gained valuable practical knowledge about how best to guide people through change. He has operated at Director level, working closely with other parts of the business to integrate engineering and product development with the broader business needs, and helping to set overall business strategy and direction.

Peter has worked in many different industries and with many different technologies, delivering both products and services. This has included the development of electronics and software for both consumer and industrial products, working in the mobile communications, digital TV, home appliance, cloud and applications software, and security sectors.

As Anamosys, Peter provides targeted advice and direct assistance to companies as they negotiate the difficult challenge of putting in place the organisational, cultural and process changes needed to allow them to scale and to grow. He does this by applying the skills, experience and wisdom he has gained over many years of successfully implementing operational business change, coaching and mentoring existing staff within the business or filling the spaces where expertise is missing.