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Technology companies often begin with a small band of dedicated individuals who have a good idea or who can see a gap in the market. Because the team is small and highly motivated the business grows rapidly with little structure or process needed to support it. Soon it reaches a critical size when a degree of organisation is needed to enable things to happen, when communication and information sharing can no longer be taken for granted, and when success cannot depend on any one individual. Often the skills needed to enable the business to scale are absent since these were not needed in the early days. As a result, many small companies fall at the first hurdle when with just a little help they could embrace the thinking needed to enable them to grow. It is this help that Anamosys can provide.

"Make it Work, Make it Scale, Then Make it Bigger"

It's an easy mantra to remember but the second part, enabling your business to scale, is often missing, and then when growth begins, what worked when the business was small starts to fail. Process is easy to overlook while you can get by without it, people feel that their time is better spent developing technology or doing business, and may resist what they perceive as unnecessary bureaucracy. But some process is needed to allow a team to function once it has grown to a certain size. Without it chaos will begin to reign, lack of coordination will mean that effort is wasted, important things will fall through the gaps, and as a result tensions between staff will develop.

Anamosys can help put in place appropriate process and organisation, advising on the pitfalls before they are encountered, and enabling effective and sustainable operational growth strategies to be established.

“Good Decisions Need Good Information”

When the business is small and the staff sit together in the same office communication is good and everyone knows what's happening. As more people join and as staff begin to spend time out of the office it's easy to assume that everyone still gets to hear about things, but that happens less and less. Communication works both ways, so if the staff aren't hearing about things then you can be sure that the management aren't either. With poor or missing information comes an incomplete picture of the business that can lead to the wrong decisions being made.

Anamosys can help put good communication processes in place, but more importantly we can advise and coach on the soft skills needed to bring people with you on the journey of change.