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Success Stories

Anamosys has worked with a number of different technology companies, assisting their growth both in the short and longer term.

Digital TV Software Product Business

An established business which had grown to its limit under the auspice of its existing management. We restructured and quadrupled the size of the engineering team, putting in place an organisation that could operate effectively across two geographically dispersed locations. The business had developed some good products and its engineering team was basically sound, but lack of organisation was impeding its ability to deliver bigger projects and preventing it from growing further. Work was needed to introduce lean process across engineering and sales, establish better communications, and share reliable information throughout the business.

Location and Data Services Business

The business had embarked on switching its service offering to enable it to enter a new market. We advised on the organisational restructuring and management changes needed to address this transformation, introducing a customer facing structure appropriate for the new services being delivered, and enabling the company to move successfully into its new space.

Criminal Justice Systems Start-Up

A start-up business undergoing rapid growth. We restructured and doubled the size of the engineering team, putting in place a product development process and creating new customer support and IT functions. These changes enabled the business to deliver its first team product development, an enterprise wide system which opened up new markets for the company.

Renewable Energy Start-Up

A new business just setting up. The founder, a charismatic Sales Director, needed mentoring support that was delivery and operationally focussed, and help with organising the launch of his business.

Security Systems Product Business

A long established medium sized product manufacturer which needed to embrace new technologies and modern development processes in order to protect and extend its market share. We restructured the engineering team, switching it from functional to project based, establishing modern applications software development processes and automated testing, and introducing new technology to the companies embedded systems product range. All of this required a change of culture within the engineering team which was brought about by bringing in new blood and by re-enthusing long standing staff members.